Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

If you’re shopping around for some help, the chances are you’ve already realised
that there’s a little more to digital marketing than setting up a Facebook page.

Perhaps you’re still at the stage where you’re struggling to encourage your
customers to find you in any of the places listed above. Why not talk to us about
search engine optimisation (SEO). Whatever your level of understanding we can
make a frank assessment of your current ranking and offer you advice and help to
improve it yourself, or help you to do this.

Whatever your problem. Whatever your business position. We can find a digital
marketing solution to assist you.

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Some of our latest testimonials

All I can say about Dan is: very reactive and efficient, as since I started the SEO with him (while stopping PPC campaigns) my footfall is increasing. Good job

We've used Dan for our SEO campaigns since the turn of the year and they have also completed a fantastic website for us that delivers on exactly what we required. The team have been great to work with, they are friendly and conscientious and genuinely care about the quality of their work and how they can help us grow. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone who needs a website or a boost to their Google rankings

Daniel provided a fantastic service from the very beginning, starting with website advice and potential costings, through to the delivery which we're very happy with. He is always at the other end of a phone and continues to provide assistance and help with our website.